2 Ways to Fix Valorant Riot Client not Opening


Valorant is one of the widely played shooter games with millions of players joining worldwide. Well with the new players come various issues. One of the issues is Valorant Riot Client not opening while trying to launch the game from the installed application. So how do we fix it?

Even I had the same issue and after doing various steps and hit and trial methods finally, I was able to fix the issue of riot client not opening. So here I will discuss the steps that help me to fix the riot client not launching issue in windows 11.

Here is the video tutorial to fix riot client not opening if you would like to watch it:

Fix Riot Client not opening by updating windows

First of all, I will start with the basic troubleshooting steps. To fix riot client not launching, open the settings of your system by clicking on the start menu and choosing the settings option available. In the settings menu choose the option of Update Windows and click on check for updates.

in few seconds, if update for your system are available it will be started to show, click on the option download and install to make sure your windows is up to date.

After updating the windows go ahead and try to launch the riot client and check if the riot client is opening or not.

Fix Riot Client not opening by disabling overclocking

Many users while playing games, increase the performance of their GPU and CPU by using various overclocking software which results in overheating of your CPU/GPU. This is the main cause of riot client not opening. Overheating causes the system not to perform well and hence riot client will not launch.

So go ahead and if you have overclocked your GPU and CPU, you need to disable the overclocking to fix riot client not opening in windows 11

Fix Riot Client not opening by taking full control of the game

Now if the above steps don’t help you to launch the riot client, in the next step we are going to take full control of the game to fix riot client not launching error in windows 11

Right-click on Riot client and click on the properties option to open the properties of the riot client.

Now in properties tab, select the security tab and click on the option “Edit” to change the permissions of the game

 Riot client not opening

Now, under the permission, “Full control” must be checked mark for all the users including the “system” and your own user name.

 Riot client not opening

Once done hit apply and ok button to save the changes.

Now try to launch the riot client again and check if the issue of riot client not opening is resolved or not.

Fix Riot client not opening by adding the exception in Antivirus

Antiviruses are good for the systems however few of them don’t work well with Valorant. Avast and AVG are one of them. Both the antivirus assumes valorant executable files as viruses and so block them. So better to add the exception in antivirus to fix riot client not opening in windows 11

Open up your antivirus and go to the settings menu of the antivirus and click on the Exception menu.

Riot client not opening

Now choose the option “add exception” and select the path of valorant executable folder which is generally present in your C drive by clicking on the browse option.

You need to add two folders in the exception list :

  1. C:/Riot Games
  2. C:/Program files/Riot Vanguard

 Riot client not opening

Now close the antivirus after adding the exception into it and try to launch the riot client again. This will fix the issue of Riot client not opening in windows 11

Fix Riot Client not opening by uninstalling the antivirus

Now after adding the exception riot client not opening, then I totally suggest going ahead and uninstalling both the antivirus AVG as well as Avast until the next update.

Now after uninstalling Riot client started to launch then keep uninstalled both the antivirus until the next update of the game as well as antivirus

Fix Riot client not opening using the command prompt

In this method, we are going to fix riot client not opening by using the command prompt in windows 11

Click on the start menu and type” cmd”

choose the option “run as administrator” and type the following commands one by one and hit the enter key

Sc delete vgc
sc delete vgk

Once both the above commands are executed, close the command prompt and restart your pc.

Note: make sure you restart your pc

After restarting the pc go to the directory of valorant. Generally, it’s available in C:/Program files/Riot vanguard

Now, here you need to delete the Riot vanguard folder

After deleting the riot vanguard folder, update the game and it will fix the issue of riot client not opening in windows 11

That’s all friends. This is all you have to do in order to fix the Riot client not opening

Let me know in the comments if it doesn’t work out for you so that I can further provide you more support to fix the error “Riot client not opening” and if you get another way to get rid of this problem do mention so that other viewers also get benefitted from the solution you provided.

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