Beginner Tips & Tricks to Improve in Splitgate

Splitgate has highly competitive community features. This is why newbies must try to develop a deep knowledge of the game, use portals tactically, etc., to improve in the game.

There are other tips and tricks to help beginners and returning Splitgate players do better in the game. Furthermore, you can visit for practical tools to have fun in Splitgate.

However, let’s look at beginner tips and tricks to improve your gameplay and performance.

Beginner Tips and Tricks to Improve in Splitgate

●     Use grenades only on the portals

In Splitgate, grenades do not deal damage to enemies. They are purely for throwing at enemy portals to close them. Although this may sound basic, it can help you win combats against the enemy’s team. It’s also a trick that can save your life while escaping a sticky situation.

For instance, if an enemy tries to escape from you, use grenades to close his escape route and carefully take him out. Also, if an enemy is following back-to-back through your portals, you can juke the enemy while throwing a grenade at the portals to prevent further entrances.

The number of grenades you can pick up is limited, but you can find some around the map as you play.

●     Stop roaming and start portaling

Portaling is an essential mechanic in Splitgate. It can be advantageous and risky, but the benefits are many. Portaling early in the game will help you figure out how it works in no time. In Splitgate, there are some common portal paths on Stadium and Olympus that you can check.

Stadium is the first map you’ll likely play on, and staying upstairs is the best position for beginners. This will make you portal from the lower base to the upper base every time. After you reach the main part of the base upstairs, some exciting portals you should try are directly into the opposite base and Heaven.

This map has so many portal walls. You can use the portal to peek, move faster, and familiarize yourself with the environment.

●     Strafe and flank often

Strafing in Splitgate is a practical tip that can throw an enemy off, make him miss his shot, and help you win a gunfight. While it may be risky, you can consider flanking the enemy with the portals.

When flanking an enemy with portals, ensure your portal appears on the right path to get you behind the enemy and have a clean shot. Also, you can teleport yourself to another range to continue the gunfight head-on-head. This is why portaling early in the game is essential, as it helps you master how the portal paths work.

●     Power weapons are game changers

Power weapons are key for winning games and facilitating a beginner’s improvement in no time. These weapons spawn in various locations across Splitgate’s maps. Grab them as quickly as possible, or wait for another one to respawn in another location.

Power weapons are color-coded by respawn times, which means a power weapon with orange illumination respawns in 3 minutes, purple in 2 minutes, and blue in 1 minute.

The railgun charges for a second and can give collateral kills. Rockets have a small splash damage radius. The BFB glows when in range to lunge, and the range can be increased when aiming around your target. You can get your hands on these power weapons while craving improvement.

●     Remember the automatic weapons

The time-to-kill rate in Splitgate is relatively quick, and using automatic rifles is a tip you must consider. The SMG is a great power weapon that can shred people quickly. However, the assault rifle that spawns with you in Social or Ranked is also powerful. Another automatic weapon you can find on the map is the Plasma rifle. It’s similar to the SMG in terms of melting people, but a bit more complex.

However, as a beginner, it’s advisable to use the default ranges of these autos as much as you can. Use your BR or carbine if you’re firing an enemy across the map. But if you’re in close range, don’t hesitate to swap to your assault rifle or SMG.

●     Melee efficiently

Melee in Splitgate is also called a punch. It takes two punches to take down an enemy with melee. On the other hand, if you have enough momentum, you can unleash your inner one-punch man and get rid of enemies with a single melee.

When you have enough speed for one punch, the wind appears on your screen, but even landing from a floor above will give you a powerful punch. Also, it’s efficient to shoot an enemy to 50 health, then melee instead of melee before shooting, or you can double melee.


Splitgate is an addictive game with complex portal mechanics. This makes it overwhelming for most beginners. However, the tips and tricks covered in this piece will help any beginner get started and improve over time.

Always use grenades to close portals. Stop roaming and start portaling early to understand how it works. Strafe and flank as often as possible, and get your hands on power weapons. More importantly, use automatic weapons and melee efficiently. These tips can help you improve drastically.

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