Best Laptops Under 20000 in India 2023 | Best Buyer’s Guide

Do you wish to buy the best laptops under 20000 in India? if so then you have landed in the right blog, as you might know, the laptop has become the initial device for everyone’s life. There is no doubt that a laptop saves your precious time whether you are a student or doing a small business it’s a basic requirement.

The laptop is not only used for entertainment but also used for educational purposes which keep your personal file and information safe and secure. As well as many more tasks can be done with the best laptops in India under 20000.

But here is the thing, you will have to compromise with the latest core processor with this range of laptops you probably get up to 4 GB RAM and 1TB hard disk with Intel or AMD processor. The laptop comes with different range with different specifications; you can find the budget-friendly laptop according to your requirement no matter what your budget is.

Here is the question that comes to mind is, which Brand of laptop to buy under 20000 and what are the specifications to go with. Selecting the right laptop from the different brands is a difficult task, but you don’t need to worry about it. I have listed down the best budget laptops in India under 20000 for you to pick the right brand and best laptop for your work.

Best Laptop Brand in India

There are many brands available in India but when it comes to buying the best laptop under 20000, you will find very few brand options. As you might know, the best company (brand) laptop contains more and upgraded features than the non-brand company laptop. its time consuming for the customers to find out the best company laptop amongst the different brands.

To save your time I have created the brand list of best laptops under 20000 in India which will help you to select the suitable laptop for you.

List of best laptops under 20000 in India 

Let’s Discuss each laptop detail one by one so that you can easily decide which laptop to buy under 20000


best laptops under 20000 in IndiaBrand : AVITA
Series : SATUS
Screen Size : 14.1 Inches
Color : Silver
Hard Disk Size : 128 GB
CPU Model : Celeron N4020
RAM Memory Installed Size : 4 GB
Operating System : Windows 11 Home
Special Feature : Anti Glare Screen, Light Weight, Thin
Graphics Card Description : Integrated
best laptop under 20000

Specifications :

  • Display: 14.1 inch screen (1920 x 1080) with full HD IPS panel, and anti-glare display
  • Processor: Intel Celeron N4020 processor, 1.10 GHz base processor speed, 2.80 GHz Max speed
  • RAM: 4 GB LPDDR4
  • Graphics Card Ram Size: 4 GB
  • Processor Speed: 2.8 GHz
  • Light Laptop without Optical Disk Drive
  • Operating system: windows 11 home
  • Standing screen display size: 14.1 Inches
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels
  • Memory Technology: ‎LPDDR4

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  • Full HD IPS anti glare display
  • 128 GB SSD Upgradable
  • Windows 11 home activated
  • Upto 8 hrs of battery backup
  • Best in class stereo speakers
  • Can equipped with 8 GB of RAM
  • Install Office separately
  • Cannot play heavy games

ASUS EeeBook

best laptops under 20000 in India
Series : E210MA-GJ012T
Screen Size : 29.46 Centimeters
Color : Peacock Blue
Hard Disk Size : 64 GB
CPU Model : Celeron N4020
RAM Memory Installed Size : 4 GB
Graphics Card Description : Intel Integrated UHD 600
best laptop under 20000

Specifications :

  • Processor: Intel ‎Celeron N4020
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR4
  • Graphics Card: Integrated
  • Processor Speed: 1.1 GHz and overclocked upto 2.8 Ghz
  • Light Laptop without Optical Disk Drive
  • Operating system: windows 10 home
  • Standing screen display size: ‎29.46 Centimetres
  • Resolution: ‎HD (1366 X 768) Pixels
  • Memory Technology: ‎DDR4
  • Connectivity Type: WiFi

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If you want to buy best laptop under 20000 in India for online classes or for office work, then this laptop is great for you, especially for students. You can watch videos online in 4k quality on this laptop, and the sound quality is also pretty much good. Since the processor is good, you can do multiple tasks once the battery is fully charged.

It handles all launched games very easily till 2016 so that you can play those games easily. Asus Eeebook laptop battery is very good while browsing the web, normally gives a battery backup of 4 to 5 hours and it will be fully charged in just 1 hour. So I can say that it is the best laptop according to your budget to choose from if you have a fixed budget.

  • No heating issue doing single task
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Good looking Backup is up to 4.5hours
  • 1.1 GHz of processor speed can be extended upto 2.8 GHz
  • Anti-glare panel with 45% NTSC
  • Windows 10 home with lifetime activated
  • Backup is up to 4.5 hours
  • Lags if used for heavy gaming after 2-3 hrs
  • Resolution is low ‎(1366 X 768 Pixels) but in HD quality


best laptop under 20000Brand : ASUS
Series : CX1101CMA-GJ0007
Screen Size : 11.6 Inches
Color : Transparent Silver
Hard Disk Size : 64 GB
CPU Model : Celeron N4020
RAM Memory Installed Size : 4 GB
Graphics Card Description : Intel Integrated
best laptop under 20000

Specifications :

  • Processor: Intel ‎Celeron N4020
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR4
  • Graphics Card: Intel UHD Graphics 600
  • Processor Speed: 2.8 Ghz
  • Hard disk: 64GB and expandable upto 2TB
  • Two USB 3.0 port and 1 HDMI port
  • Operating system: windows 10 home
  • Standing screen display size: ‎29.46 Centimetres
  • Resolution: ‎HD (1366 X 768) Pixels
  • Memory Technology: ‎‎LPDDR4
  • Connectivity Type: WiFi, Bluetooth

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If you are searching for best laptop in India under 20000 then ASUS Chromebook can be your next right choice if you doesn’t like the above one. This laptop is very budget-friendly so you can fulfill your basic needs at a cheap price of under 20000. It comes with 11.6 inches HD display to enjoy the videos and carry out all your office work easily.

  • 64 GB MMC storage and expandable upto 2 TB
  • Faster USB with 3.2 technology
  • Edge to edge spill resistant
  • Upto 13 hrs of  battery backup
  • Anti glare HD slim LED
  • Cannot play heavy games with this laptop
  • Inbuild memory is 64 GB
  • Maximum supportable RAM is 64 GB


best laptop under 20000 in indiaBrand : ASUS
Series : C223NA-GJ0074
Screen Size : 29.46 Centimetres
Color : Gray
Hard Disk Size : 32 GB
CPU Model : Celeron N3350
RAM Memory Installed Size : 4 GB
Graphics Card Description : Intel Integrated
best laptop under 20000

Specifications :

  • Processor: Intel ‎Celeron N4020 Dual Core N3350
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR4
  • Graphics Card: Intel Integrated
  • Processor Speed: boost upto 2.4 Ghz
  • Hard disk: 32GB
  • Spill resistant and USB -C type charging Operating system: Chrome OS
  • Standing screen display size: ‎29.46 Centimetres
  • Resolution: ‎HD (1366 X 768) Pixels
  • Memory Technology: ‎‎‎LPDDR4
  • Connectivity Type: Fast WiFi 5 and bluetooth 4.0

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The best laptops under 20000 for basic usage, basic office work, internet, and for students.

This laptop is very good if you will use it for internet browsing, and to teach students at budget friendly price. The trackpad and keyboard are very smooth, better than gaming laptops. Gather with good material so that it is durable for your use.

  • Light weight with anti-glare screen
  • Integrated Intel graphic card
  • Processor can boost upto 2.4 GHz using intel  boost technology
  • HD LED backlit with 200 nits brightness
  • Hard disk space should be atleast 64GB
  • Wifi technology is 2.4 GHz
  • Base processor speed is 1.1 GHz


best laptop under 20000Brand : DELL
Series : Dell Latitude-cr
Screen Size : 14 inch
Color : Gray
Hard Disk Size : 500 GB
CPU Model : Intel Core i5
RAM Memory Installed Size : 4 GB
Graphics Card Description : Intel HD 5500
best laptop under 20000

Specifications :

  • Processor: Intel ‎Core i5 5300
  • RAM: 4 GB DDR4
  • Graphics Card: Intel Integrated
  • Processor Speed: Upto upto 2.9 Ghz
  • Hard disk: 500 GB
  • 500 GB of hard disk space with Intel integrated graphic card and i5 processor
  • Operating system: Windows 10 Home
  • Resolution: ‎HD (1366 X 768) Pixels
  • Memory Technology: ‎‎‎DDR3 SDRAM
  • Connectivity Type: Wifi and Bluetooth

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The 5th number of best laptops under 20k is DELL Latitude. Trust me if you are going to order this laptop you will be not disappointed with this laptop. The performance of this laptop is amazing and it can feel crisp and fast SSD. Also, the design is very attractive and you can even play games with this dell laptop.

The price is also budget-friendly. Also, the frame is durable, it is assembled with plastic but you will find it strong and ultra-light. If you are searching for a laptop for normal office work which can help you work with Microsoft office along with games then it is the best laptop for you to buy.

  • Intel i5 Processor
  • 500 GB of Hard disk space
  • Integrated high quality speakers
  • Quality of DELL under 20000 at its best
  • Great gaming performance
  • Battery performance is not good
  • RAM can be more
  • Numeric keyboard not available

 FAQ :

Which are the Best laptops under 20000 with an i7 processor?

if you are expecting the best laptops under 20000 in India with an i7 processor then you searching for the wrong query. because I have researched about this query but did not find any best laptop under 20000 with i7 processor .however if you still looking best laptop with i7 processor that might cost you higher.

Important points to note before buying the best laptops

have you ever thought what are the important points that you should keep in mind while buying the best laptop under 20000?

of course not, you don’t need to worry I will be breaking down some of the important points in this paragraph.

Always buy a laptop that comes with a pre-installed window. Since a stand-alone license, a window costs more than a laptop without a window. if you are going to download or install the Windows OS on a Linux-based laptop, always make sure to download the suitable drivers from the official website.


USB is the most common port which connects your pen drive, mouse, keyboard, and camera. on the other hand, USB-A is a physical design of USB port, it has become the traditional USB port design and very easy to identify on the device.

USB-A port is mostly used for dual purpose charging and data transfer, it comes with a rectangular interface and flat design.

The rectangular contact used, has round pins which make the connection even easier.


The Type-c port was announced in 2014, it took years for the port to reach customer devices. type-c is a new and most advanced version of USB port, that can be used for quick file transfer as compared to USB Type-A port. As well as it helps to enable your smartphone’s fast charging mode, the main difference between Type-A and Type-C port


HDMI stands for (High Definition Multimedia Interface) helps you to connect your projector or tv and other words it’s a cable of transferring audio and video between devices. HDMI cable lets you connect the internal devices with full HD or 4K resolution such as DVD player, and HDTV projector. With this HDMI cable, you can also use connect your smart tv to watch your favorite Netflix series.

An HDMI cable can replace 3 composite video/audio cables, it’s more comfortable to connect two devices and capable of transferring high definition video signals video, and audio.

Laptop Battery

A battery is an important component of a laptop, that supplies power to the device, and helps to keep your work continue even when there is no power. The laptop battery can be measured by watt-hour(who), the more Whr the powerful your laptop battery will be. It is known as one of the heaviest parts of the laptop.

Several things can impact your battery life, Bluetooth connectivity, screen brightness, Wi-Fi, and processor. Dimming 50% of screen brightness may increase at least one-hour battery life.

Keyboard For Laptop

The keyboard is known as a crucial aspect input device of a laptop.

the different laptop has a different keyboard, gaming laptop comes with the stylish (mechanical) keyboard which can be used along with arrow keys. The most common keyboard style is called the chiclet keyboard, it has character, flat tops, and extra spacing between the keys.

Mostly laptop keyword you can find is Qwerty keypads, and sometimes you will find the two side of number pads. one at the right side and another on the top of qwerty keys, depends on what the laptop size you have.

Buying Guide For Best Laptops Under 20000

Which laptop to buy or want? Buying the best laptops under 20000 is not an easy task, you will get thousands of people saying this, but what they are telling you, they know about it properly. Tens of brands, hundreds of models, thousands of configurations, are available in the market.

Do you just need the right information like what is SSD? What is the best graphics card model? But we lose ourselves with this complex web of technical data and best features. If you are close to buying a laptop, then this post is made for you.

In this buying guide, we will use mid-range laptops, small/large machines that we can use to study in our day, surf the internet or imagine the small forbidden pleasures of which Nobody wants to talk about it. Laptops are used by freelancers and professionals alike.

The one that we take from one place to another without any fear. They are fast, hard and reliable computers. So come to the main point what are the main points to check when buying the best laptops under 20000 in India or 25k also.


This small gadget is for executing programs and applications on a laptop. When we are running many applications in the backend, it is the processor that lets all our applications run smoothly.

Let me give you an example to make you understand, if your laptop is a Ferrari car, the processor is the engine for that car. So when buying a laptop, the processor must be checked

RAM (random access memory)

Along with the processor, RAM is also an important gadget that you must check while buying a laptop.

RAM frames information that needs to be consulted immediately. To understand what RAM is, we can compare it to a “temporary” hard drive. Like if you have a temporary hard drive connected with your laptop, then your laptop will run smoothly because of all the big files you save in that temporary hard drive.

In the same way, RAM provides the space needed for all applications to run, but as a temporary hard drive, the laptop is capable of running closed applications and smooth running applications.

The more RAM, the smoother your laptop will be. So you must buy at least a 4 GB Ram laptop. Mostly you will find the 4 GB ram with the best laptops under 20000 in India.

Hard Drive

The first thing we have to define is what is a hard drive. A hard disk is a device for storing data in a non-volatile manner, that is, it uses a magnetic recording system to store digital data. In this way, it is possible to enter information permanently on a medium (so it is not volatile). They are also called HDDs or hard disk drives.

The hard disk is made up of one or more rigid plates that are inserted into an airtight box and connect to a common shaft that rotates at high speed.

On each duck, which usually has two faces for storage, read/write. Hard drives are part of the computer’s secondary memory or graphics on the Vita, memory level 5 (L5) and below. It is called secondary memory because it is the source of data so that the main memory (RAM) can carry them and work with them by sending and receiving instructions from the CPU or processor.

This secondary memory will be the largest capacity available in the computer and will not be unstable. If we shut down the computer, the RAM will be empty, but not the hard disk.

Display (screen)

The diagonal of a laptop screen, such as in India, starts at 10.1 and is up to 18.4 inches, the most common 13.3-inch screen. The latter is used in variable devices. Of the 17.3, those are commonly used by gamers or by users of intended equipment for graphic design. 15.6-inch screen, most standardized in laptop. A standard 15.6 ”inch laptop we are looking for is a laptop with a picture of a woman. Do not think twice. Pay attention to our 15.6” inch laptop.


The battery is one of the most important things for a good laptop, so if you have a good battery in your laptop then you won’t need to plug it for charging again and again.

Although the battery life of a laptop depends on what use, we recommend that you look for laptops that provide a duration of more than 12–15 hours. If you are looking for a gaming laptop, then you don’t need to care so much, but if you are among those who work anywhere or go to university, then this is the one thing that you need for a laptop. Should be kept in mind.

Graphics Card

If you want to play games or design content, the graphics card is one of the most important things while purchasing a laptop. If you’re working on using computers, watching the series, and anything else, it doesn’t interest you that much.

Graphics cards are required to give pixels smoothness if you’re going to dedicate yourself to architecture, graphic design, or video editing. but if you want to enjoy the gaming and so on then don’t buy a laptop under 20000, go with some higher-priced laptops.


I have shared with you in this blog almost all the information about the best laptops under 20k. I tried to give you detailed information about laptops in this blog. You will not show haste before buying any laptop and only after good market research you will buy the laptop.

If you find any type of error in the information, then you can tell me in the comment box. Or if you have more information about the best laptops under 20000 in India, please share it with me; I would consider it my pleasure to include it in my blog.