7 Most Common Reasons Why Premiere Pro Keeps Crashing

7 Most Common Reasons Why Premiere Pro Keeps Crashing

There are various reasons why Premiere Pro is crashing unexpectedly. The most common cause would be the presence of software bugs. However, that cannot be the only reason. There could be potentially other reasons, such as the computer not adhering to the system requirements required for the latest version of the Premiere Pro, or it could be because of the GPU drivers being outdated. This article will take a close look into the seven most common reasons why Premiere Pro is crashing and the fixes for such issues. 

1. Scratch Disk Full Error

Scratch Disk Full Error on Mac could be one of the many reasons why your Premier Pro application may be crashing. User can resolve the issue through efficient management of memory or emptying of the entire scratch disk. There are various ways to clear the scratch disk, including removing the disk space, deleting temporary files within Photoshop, etc. You can also try to defragment the entire scratch disk. To know more about how to resolve the scratch disk total error, check the link https://setapp.com/.  

2. Reset Preferences in Premiere Pro

It should be the first step you should be doing to fix the issue of Premiere Pro crashing. Next, it would be best if you did a quick reset of Premiere Pro Preferences. It will reset the settings to factory defaults. If you are using a Mac computer, all you have to do is hold the ‘Option’ button in Mac and select to launch the Premiere Pro. You will be provided with a pop-up asking whether you want to reset the preferences or not. If you are using a Windows computer, you will have to click the ‘Alt’ option instead of ‘Option.’

3. Uncheck the Workspaces if it is imported

Just check whether you have imported any workspaces from earlier projects. If so, then the best solution is to disable those workspaces. It is because workspaces can be one of the reasons behind software bugs that could be leading the Premiere Pro to crash. First, navigate to ‘Window,’ then choose the option denoted as ‘Workspaces.’ Next, locate the option marked as ‘Project>Import Workspaces’ and uncheck it if it’s checked. The imported workspaces are now disabled.

4. Reset the Current Workspace

If you are hesitant to go ahead with the factory reset of your preferences, then the best way to fix the issue will be to reset the current workspace. You will have to click ‘Window,’ choose the option denoted as ‘Workspaces’ and click the option ‘Reset to Saved Layout.’ 

5. Specific Fonts can also cause Premiere Pro to Crash

Ensure that you have not recently been using a particular font for the Captions option in Premiere Pro. If you feel that your Premiere Pro is crashing whenever you are using Captions in your project, the best way is to change the caption and see whether the issue is occurring again.

6. Avoid Opening Older Projects

It is always desirable to import the older projects into new ones by creating a brand new project and then importing by navigating to the option File > Import. Unfortunately, premiere Pro tends to crash whenever a user tries to open older projects directly using the application.

7. Ensure the Media Cache is cleared

It is one thing every user should ensure if they are facing instability issues with Premiere Pro. Some of the files in the media could get corrupted, due to which the application may behave unexpectedly. To clear the media cache, a user should choose the option denoted as ‘Edit’ and click ‘Preferences.’ Locate ‘Media Cache’ option from the list of options provided and then choose the setting denoted as ‘Remove Media Cache Files’ from where user can delete the media cache. However, if you are using an older version of the Premiere Pro application, this option may not be available. If you are using an older version of the application, you will have to delete the files from the media cache manually.  


Above mentioned are seven of the most common issues because of which Premier Pro keeps facing issues. Other common causes are Premiere Pro not functioning whenever users import media from the File menu. Simply uninstalling and reinstalling Premiere Pro may resolve the issue of the application not functioning at times. Users should also ensure that system meets the minimum requirements that are needed for the Premiere Pro. By following any of the above mentioned steps, users can resolve the issue of Premier Pro not functioning.